"From the Wild West to the Final Frontier,
Cinematic Symphony is Keeping Austin Weird!"

Our Biography

The Cinematic Symphony is a non-profit community ensemble dedicated to performing the memorable scores of film, television, and video games. Cinematic Symphony was organized to provide education, entertainment, and cultural enrichment, as well as to promote and renew interest in the great music of motion pictures.

We perform professional-caliber music, and our concerts feature large-screen visuals, costumed characters, and live demonstrations. Celebrity guests are our Masters of Ceremony and each adds a distinct flair to their concert. Theremin player Robert Froehner recently joined us on stage.

Meet the Conductor

Jesus Torres serves as the Artistic Director and Conductor of the Cinematic Symphony as well as the Director of Bands at East View High School in the Georgetown Independent School District. Torres is a lifelong resident of Austin who attended The University of Texas at Austin where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree and a Certificate of Achievement in Trumpet Performance. While at the university, Mr. Torres performed in numerous ensembles including the Longhorn Band and the world-renown University of Texas Wind Ensemble.

Since his onset with the Cinematic Symphony in 2011, Torres has maintained the group’s active role in commissioning new works and engaging the highest caliber musical artists. Mr. Torres’s commitment to musical excellence and a strong bond between the Cinematic Symphony and the local community continue to bring the ensemble to higher levels of achievement and closer to the goal of being one of the premier community musical groups in the country.

Our Audience Feedback

"I'm not sure people realize how much of a difference music makes until they hear this symphony. When you wonder what made a movie, TV show, or video game so great, the music is right up there at the top of the list. That's why so many pieces get sampled in different genres on the radio."

-Victoria Wiste

"People who come to listen to the Cinematic Symphony appreciate what music can do, and they can relive their favorite moments and the emotions that they felt when they were watching these films."

-Samantha Hightower

"Cinematic Symphony is the bridge between classical music and pop culture. I think that it serves an important function by bringing the music that people love and are familiar with to them in a traditional concert setting."

-David Glenn

The Spotlight ** Marie Torres **

If Marie is not teaching kindergarten, you would probably catch her doing DIY projects around the house, reading, shopping, or playing her horn. After growing up in Minnesota, she journeyed to beautiful Austin in 2005 and has been a part of our French horn section since 2012.

Q: How’d you know you wanted to play the French horn?
A: My mom always told me how she loved the sound of the French horn. Since it wasn’t an instrument that everyone else wanted to play, I figured I’d give it a try and loved it!

Q: Are you involved in any other musical activities?
A: I play handbells at church, participate in the brass choir, and am a member of the Cedar Park Winds.

Q: What interested you in joining the CS?
A: After hearing the Cinematic Symphony play, I was very interested in being part of this amazing group! There are some incredible people in this group and an amazing conductor!

Q: Why do you think film scores are important?
A: Music is such an integral part of movies. To be able to hear and play these scores in and out of context brings a unique experience to the performer and listener. Film scores are so unique and can provide a myriad of emotions and experiences!

Q: Best musical memory?
A: Music has always been an important part of my life. I started piano lessons in 2nd grade, started the French horn in 5th grade, and have been playing since! I guess I realized how special music really was when I performed my first horn solo and experienced the joy it brought to myself and others! I have to state that the live Muse concert was also pretty incredible, along with live musical performances!

Q: Film scores on my iPod are?
A: Wicked . . . and Disney! I love hearing and playing John Williams! I also love ALL musicals!

Q: On being a part of the Cinematic Symphony?
A: Cinematic Symphony is one of the highlights of my week! To play music with amazing people who all share the same love for music is truly an enlightening and heartwarming experience each and every week!

Q: Advice for aspiring musicians?
A: Whatever you enjoy doing musically - keep it up! I never imagined I would be playing as much as I am now. Music in any form is such a wonderful experience and leads you to meet so many incredible people!

As a Non-Profit, we operate solely on donations.

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