Test your trivial knowledge then come hear the music!

    1. Cinematic Symphony was established in what year?

    2.  2005

    3. The most Academy Awards for Best Original Score goes to which composer?

    4.  Alex North
       Alfred Newman
       John Williams
       Leonard Rosenman

    5. The most nominations for Best Original Score Academy Awards goes to which composer?

    6.  Alex North
       Alfred Newman
       John Williams
       Leonard Rosenman

    7. Cinematic Symphony has performed which themed concert(s)?

    8.  All Star Wars
       All Video Games
       All Broadway
       All of the above

    9. This clip [CLICK HERE] is Cinematic Symphony performing what music?

    10.  Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
       The Incredibles
       Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
       Speed Racer

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